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Rebuilt Chapter Resources

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Rebuilt Resources: Chapter 12 Be Restorers

We urge you in the Lord, again and again, to spare no labors and let no difficulties conquer them, but rather to become day by day more courageous and more valiant for arduous indeed is the task we propose.

—Pope Pius XI

In chapter 12 of Rebuilt, the authors share their approach to missions work using the term “restoration.”

“Restoration is a kingdom movement. When we join in mission service, we are joining in the movement of Christ’s kingdom, announcing and extending his lordship over the earth. Of course, this work will not be complete until the Lord comes in glory, but it has begun, and it is our responsibility to advance in his grace” (Rebuilt, 207).

Their goal was simply to make every member a minister. “Ministry is supposed to be a team sport” (Rebuilt, 191).

Missions Projects at the Church of the Nativity

Meet Brian and learn all about the missions projects at the Church of the Nativity, what they’re currently learning about missional service, and how they fund and staff missions. He’ll talk about opportunities available to your parish to send a representative or a delegation on a mission nationally and internationally.

Meet Brian

You Can Do This! Developing Restoration Teams for Mission Work

  • Look around for a leadership-level person who has a heart for the work of restoration. Maybe they’re already doing something on their own at your parish and would love to step up to a new level of service. Make sure they have access to the pastor and all the privileges of the staff.
  • Help that person build a leadership team.
  • Charge the team with assessing all the parish’s current and past efforts: what’s working and what isn’t; who’s involved; what resources are available. They will want to gather all the information available and be honest about what they learn. They should also consider opportunities not currently being pursued. Who exactly you are partnering with in current or potential projects needs to be carefully understood. They should make recommendations to the pastor and parish leadership on which programs to focus on (and which ones to kill). The pastor should take their recommendations.
  • With a clear decision about when, where, and how your parish is going to reach out beyond your congregation, the pastor needs to start preaching it from time to time. Meanwhile, the team is shaping accessible opportunities for people to get involved.
  • Pray for your partners. Celebrate your wins.
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