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Rebuilt Parish Coaching

Guiding Teams from Ideas to Implementation


What is Rebuilt Parish Coaching?

At Rebuilt, our mission is to make disciples by helping other parishes make disciples. We believe the best way to encourage you in this mission is to walk along side your team while navigating the rebuilding efforts at your parish.

This is a pivotal moment in the life of the local parish church. Now more than ever, a parish leadership team needs not only resources but partners - a Coaching Team - to help take your rebuilding efforts from ideas to implementation. 

The Rebuilt Coaching includes group learning and personal coaching. Our curriculum is built around our Strategic Anchors of Leadership, the Weekend Experience and Growing Deeper & Wider in Discipleship.

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What Is Included

Rebuilt Parish Coaching includes collegial idea sharing, encouragement and accountability with and from other parish leaders, which is primarily delivered through our unique Coaching Small Group model.  Each parish will also have a personal Rebuilt Coach for ongoing support.  Furthermore, you will gain inside access to Church of the Nativity expert staff, proven parish ministry systems and successfully implemented parish tools.

Annual Membership 


Parishes join the Rebuilt team and set down the path of rebuilding and growing their parish on an ongoing basis through a Rebuilt Parish Coaching Membership, which includes:

Group Coaching - Rebuilt Parish Coaching Members participate in Coaching Small Groups, offered in 12-week semesters twice a year.  Your Pastor and one key colleague join a small group with 3 to 5 other parishes.  The curriculum is shown below and tracks the Rebuilt Strategic Anchors. 

Personal Parish Coaching – Your individual parish coach will help keep you on track as you implement the ideas cultivated in the group sessions.

Access to the Content Library – Hundreds of homilies are organized in Message Series which tracks the Liturgical Calendar.  Small Group videos and questions for discussion also are organized around the Message Series.  Children’s Liturgy of the Word lesson plans with talks and bible stories and games galore.  Plus ministry manuals and forms and new parishioner welcome packets and stewardship materials and much much more. 

Rebuilt Contributor – Coaching Clients will join our Webinars and Podcasts as guests and provide content to blogs and Facebook pages and share ideas through all Rebuilt channels. 


Coaching Group Course Catalog

The Rebuilt Coaching curriculum will grow over time with further classes which dive deeper into the Rebuilt Strategic Anchors. Our initial offerings are below.  Click each course for an outline.

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Leadership Essentials

Goal: This course identifies the essential components of leadership and the steps in forming a strategic leadership team.

Outcome: Parish Leaders will be equipped with leadership skills that clearly define the vision, mission, and values of their parish with a leadership team and a developed strategic plan that includes annual planning.

Click here for the Leadership Essentials course outline

Leadership Advanced

Goal: This course includes the steps to build a strategic plan that aligns to the parish vision, mission, and values with successful implementation to cast the vision for a healthy church culture.

Outcome: Parish Leaders will gain a working knowledge in creating a healthy church organization that thrives on the systems and processes that increase communications and cascading to promote the vision, mission, and values of the parish.

Click here for the Leadership Advanced course outline

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Weekend Experience:     Building Layers of Leadership

Goal: This course provides the connection between serving and the discipleship path in order to build a culture of service by determining the systems and structures needed to invite and invest with the church community.

Outcome: Parish Leaders will learn how to build layers of leadership by investing and inviting a volunteer army to create a culture of service.

Click here for the Weekend Experience course outline

Finance & Stewardship

Goal: This course is designed to help parishes create a culture that understands the connection between giving and discipleship. A parish does not raise money, it raises givers.

Outcome: Parish Leaders will gain strategies that help them create a culture of giving. The course includes practical discussion of parish financial systems and budget processes that promote successful efforts with a focus on continuous review and planning. The course also addresses how to make the ASK, preparing both the Hearts and the Minds of parishioners in a way that leads to successful Stewardship Weekends and Capital Campaigns.

Click here for the Finance & Stewardship course outline

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Small Groups

Goal: This course promotes those strategies designed to help the church community grow deeper in their relationships with Christ, and maintain momentum in growing small groups.

Outcome: Parish Leaders will have access to strategies and practices that assist in building, maintaining, and growing small groups within their parishes.

Click here for the Small Groups course outline

Coaching Overview

We believe that Coaching from Rebuilt Parish is the best way to enact real change in your parish.  Our team will walk along side you  and your team to develop a plan for your future. Download our one page PDF to share with your your leadership teams.

Download the PDF

Sample Schedule

We will organize the overall calendar with efficiency in mind, to give your Pastor and team the best opportunity to take your parish further, faster.  On and off coaching weeks will allow the parish team to digest and make progress on ideas, and your follow-up meetings with a personal coach enables you to flesh out plans as needed and remain on track.  The off weeks also allow your team to continue to participate in our Rebuilt Webinars and Small Groups.


For a full schedule please click here to download a PDF.

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"With Rebuilt Coaching - having the opportunity to receive and provide feedback ourselves is an enriching experience that is deepening our understanding and call to leadership within the church."

- Fr. Roger Gustafson

Rebuilt Coaching Group Member

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Membership Details

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Coaching Commitment

  • 12 Week Courses
  • 6 Group Sessions
  • 6 1-on-1 sessions
  • 75 min each
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Access to Content

  • Rebuilt Content
  • Rebuilt MasterClass
  • Tools & Resources
  • Books & Field Guide
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Be a Contributor

  • Podcast Guest
  • Blog Guest Post
  • Webinar Guest
  • Message Team
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Are You Ready to Join the Movement?

Join parishes across the country and around the world who are making the commitment to fulfill the great commandment and the great commission. Space is limited. 

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