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Making Disciples by Helping Other Parishes Make Disciples

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Does this sound familiar?

You're being asked to lead through challenges you've never faced before.

 Your parish is struggling to welcome the un-churched.

 Finances are a growing concern.

  The discipleship path in your parish is unclear.

 The pressure to create  new  content for Sunday is always present.

 You are constantly looking for volunteers.

We have helped parishes just like yours overcome obstacles just like these.

We can help you too!

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Rebuilt Model

The Rebuilt Model will guide your parish to create an exceptional weekend experience, which will enable your parishioners to grow deeper in their faith, and allow your community to grow wider through reaching newcomers.

Rebuilt's Strategic Anchors

We believe there are four key anchors that will rebuild your parish culture.

Leadership: Your parish needs a cohesive leadership team at all levels of the parish to achieve your goals. Rebuilt can lead you to create a leadership community that works together to create the culture you want at your parish.

Grow Wider: Build a culture which strives to serve those who have never come to church (un-churched) and those who have not been to church in a long time (de-churched). That begins with hospitality and calling upon parishioners already coming to get up out of the pews and start serving.

Grow Deeper: Encourage parishioners to go deeper in their faith by providing the ministries and systems to do so. Communicate clearly how to take those next steps. 

Create an Exceptional Weekend Experience: A great Mass experience takes people deeper in their faith and brings them back to your parish next week. A great weekend experience includes stirring worship music, energy and fellowship driven by servant ministers, great kid/student programs, homilies which speak into people’s lives, and everything done with excellence. A great experience of church is the bedrock of everything a Rebuilt parish does.

Multiple Ways to Engage with Rebuilt Parish

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Relevant and real-time tools and tips delivered through webinars, podcasts, blog posts and social media.                              

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All Access Pass to Rebuilt Small Groups with parish leaders from around the world.                                             

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A coach facilitated peer coaching group of 4-6 parish leaders in a community of collaboration and shared learning.

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Hear what churches are saying about the benefit of becoming a RebuilParish member.

I have this conviction that I can’t shake, that what’s happening through Rebuilt and what we’re starting to experience here at New Roads isn’t just some new way to do church. It’s a conviction that it’s really a God thing. The Holy Spirit is really working through Rebuilt and what we’re doing here and a lot of other churches, trying to focus on reaching people for Christ.

Kathy O'Leary
New Roads Catholic Community
Belmont, MA
The resources help us tremendously, especially in regard to Message Series, Webinars and Resources to help our parish grow.

Fr. Andrew Jameison
Holy Eucharist Parish
Tabernacle, New Jersey

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Stay in the loop on the very best ideas and resources available.