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Rebuilt Parish

More than a Coaching program, this is a Parish Revitalization Movement

We're not consultants, we're parish ministers helping parishes grow.


I'm Ready for my Parish to Join the Movement

You Don't Need Another Program, You Need a Movement

Culture is the biggest obstacle within the local parish because it does not support the mission Jesus gave us: make disciples. Rebuilt Parish has learned how to change the culture of a parish and make it more effective in making disciples. At Church of the Nativity, our home parish, we have been testing and developing these tools in real time and continue to do so today. 

Rebuilt Parish is a parish renewal movement that is boldly impacting parish leaders, providing them the process and tools they need to refocus on reaching the un-churched, creating a clear discipleship path to grow their church, and revitalizing their parish culture.

Beginning within our personal journey at our own home parish, we have developed a model to establish an engaged and growing local Catholic community. This growth continues in real-time as we develop new resources and tools to fulfill the mission God gave us: go make disciples.

Our Mission:
Making Disciples by Helping Parishes Make Disciples

Rebuilt Parish equips and empowers leaders to create a movement of discipleship.

Ready to Make Bold Moves to Engage Your Parishioners?

How we REBUILD Parishes

Rebuilt Parish Delivers impact in five key areas:

Bold Moves

We help you identify your parish needs and undertake bold moves to achieve your desire to grow as a healthy parish.

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Team Building

We help you form and structure a strategy to drive decisions, cascade communication, and set the tone for the culture you want to build.

Engaged Parishioners

We give you the tools needed to drive engagement in your parish, from spiritual development to small groups and volunteer ministers.  We will help your parish move from a consumer culture to a contributor culture.

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It's all about the weekend! We help you build a plan to increase weekly Mass attendance because Sunday is always coming.

Raising Givers

We help you better understand how to raise givers in your parish, grow your weekly offertory, and give you the tools and advice to launch successful stewardship campaigns.

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Take your next step: Join the Rebuilt Parish Movement

Wednesday Workshops with Rebuilt

Weekly Live Community

  • Weekly Zoom Workshops
  • 3-week series around the Rebuilt Anchors
  • Collaborate with other Parishes
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Rebuilt Content Membership

Ready to Download Content

  • Homilies Videos & Transcripts
  • Small Group Content
  • C.L.O.W. Plans
  • Graphics for each Series
  • Ministry Manuals
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Rebuilt Parish Coaching

Full Year of Parish Coaching

  • Biweekly 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Biweekly Group Coaching on 
  • Relevant Topics
  • Rebuilt Content Membership
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Fr. Nagy, Holy Family Parish - Ontario, Canada

During the Rebuilt discussion, people openly and passionately shared how they felt about the parish, how the culture needs to change, and most excitingly - what they could do personally to make it happen.

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