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Rebuilt Content Membership

Access ready-to use and customizable content to use within your weekly liturgies! Multiple options are available for all three Liturgical years (A, B, C).

A Content Membership can be applied to any parish community in every demographic. Learn more about the offerings and benefits of becoming a Rebuilt Parish Content Member!

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Rebuilt Content Membership

The Rebuilt plan has the tools you need to deliver relevant content to your parish.

Who is this plan for? This plan is intended for parishes looking to take their first steps in the rebuilding process. We include a roadmap to help you create a powerful discipleship culture.


Receive access to all homilies/messages delivered at our home parish, Church of the Nativity.  These homily packages come with everything you need to deliver a message series in your parish:

  • Series Overview
  • Weekly Summary & Transcript
  • Series Artwork
  • Video of Homily as delivered
  • Scripture connected to the liturgical calendar
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Want to see a Sample?

Click on the pictures below to download a transcript of one week for each of these message series. 
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Small Group Content

Receive access to Adult Small Group materials created by Church of the Nativity.  These small group content packages come with everything you need to launch and grow small groups in your parish community.

  • Small Group Videos (10-14 minutes)
  • Small Group Questions for Discussion
  • Series Artwork

Small Group Materials

Examples of small group messages available for your adult small groups ministry.

Children's Liturgy of the Word Content

Receive access to all Children's Liturgy of the Word curriculum presented at Church of the Nativity, for kids in grades 1 through 5. We call it "Time Travelers".  Each module includes:

  • Plan Documents & Lesson Plans
  • Hand outs (if applicable)
  • Series Artwork
  • Sample Videos

Rebuilt Advanced

Our most popular plan, the Rebuilt Advanced plan includes everything in Rebuilt Starter and adds the Rebuilt MasterClass video series, access to member webinars and most importantly a dedicated Rebuilt Parish ambassador to walk with you during the rebuilding process.

Who is this plan for? The Rebuilt Advanced plan is for a parish community who is ready to shift the focus beyond limited areas into action that fully engages all parish members. See below for more information.

Parish-Wide Implementation comes incrementally. A Rebuilt parish starts somewhere on the circle, where their best prospects lie, and grows from there. In time you will be growing and thriving in all 10 areas.

Executing the Rebuilt Model

RPA Member parishes are striving for excellence in each of these areas of parish activity and ministry. Each parish is at a different place on the journey. Where do you start? Your answer is specific to your parish, your team, and your talents. Perhaps you begin with Hospitality - and opening the front door. Or you try new music at one Mass. Or offer a new energetic Children’s Liturgy of the Word program and evaluate how it goes. Or your leadership team could work through the Rebuilt Field Guide, and execute on its 10 exercises to jumpstart your Rebuilt efforts. There are many paths to follow – and it will take time – just keep moving forward.

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Rebuilt MasterClass

What sets Rebuilt apart is our commitment to continue growing. As a parish staff, we are always learning.  We are actively working in a parish and learning what works and what doesn't work.  As a result, we want to give you the most up to date information possible.  

Exclusive to the Rebuilt Advanced plan is the Rebuilt MasterClass.  In this carefully designed series of coaching and training videos, our team will walk you through each step of the rebuilding process.  

The Rebuilt MasterClass is designed to grow with you as a parish.  Our team will be adding videos and training modules frequently to give you the very best coaching content possible. 

Click on each of the pictures below to see a quick description of each video training module.

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Rebuilt Parish Ambassador

Rebuilding your parish takes time, effort and drive to accomplish your goals.  We want to help.  With your membership in the Rebuilt Advanced plan, we assign an experienced Parish Ambassador to your specific parish.  Your parish ambassador is the go-to person to ask questions, get advice and trade ideas.  Every Parish Ambassador has lived & worked as a ministry leader for a minimum of 5 years, and is ready and waiting to help your parish go to the next level.

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Get started today with access to the Rebuilt Masterclass coaching videos along with your personal Rebuilt Parish Ambassador who will walk alongside you as you Rebuild your Parish.

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Get started today with parishioner-tested Homilies, Small Group materials and Children's Liturgy of the Word plans organized around message series.  Plus Ministry Manuals, Artwork, Music selections, and much more...!

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