Rebuilt Faith: A game changer for Catholic parishes


We are excited to share the update on Rebuilt Faith! Fr. Michael and I recently unveiled our latest book, and in the first few weeks since it's publication, it has been building great momentum!

This 40-day reflection on the steps of discipleship delves into the habits and practices that are vital for the growth of personal faith and the corporate faith of the Parish Community. Our hope is that this book will become a transformative force this Lent as parish leaders mobilize members into small groups, integrate the steps into their weekend preaching, and encourage daily readings of the book.

We envision a collective leap forward in discipleship for the entire parish. Much like "The Purpose-Driven Life" was a game-changer for us years ago, we believe "Rebuilt Faith" can have a similar profound impact.

Watch this Rebuilt Right Now video to learn more about the tools and resources we've created to complement the book.  Your ongoing support has been instrumental in our journey, and we invite you to join us in prayer for the transformation of parishes worldwide through "Rebuilt Faith." 

Thank you for being an essential part of Rebuilt Parish.  Your participation and prayer helps us together build a culture of discipleship and evangelization.



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