Rebuilt Faith

The book that was written to
transform your parish and
bring the skeptical Catholics back.

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We’re so excited to share our newest book with you!

This book was written with the intention of transforming Catholic parishes and reigniting the faith of our Catholic community around the world.  

Our goal for this book is to help those who have stopped going to church entirely, or mostly, and those close to leaving, to reconsider their Catholic faith. We are especially hoping to reintroduce the faith to Catholic skeptics—those who are asking themselves if faith even matters.

The journey starts with a desire for something more, Tom Corcoran & Fr. Michael White share: “Rebuilding your Catholic faith begins with that nagging, perhaps aching feeling in your heart for more: more connectedness, more community, more purpose.”

The Rebuilt Faith programinvolves five simple yet powerful steps that can be completed in ten minutes a day, designed to help readers learn—or relearn—more about their Catholic faith and ways to deepen their relationship with God:

  1. SERVE: serve others and develop a servant’s heart.
  2. GIVE: Giving reflects the character of God.
  3. ENGAGE IN CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY: Friends of faith can help us become more like Jesus.
  4. PRACTICE PRAYER AND THE SACRAMENTS: By praying consistently and continually taking part in the sacraments, you will better connect with God.
  5. SHARE YOUR FAITH: Having a heart for people who do not know Jesus and helping them in their faith journey will strengthen your own faith.

Each section of the book includes a quotation from a saint, a reflection, questions to ponder, a prayer, and a scripture verse.

All The Tools You Need To Successfully Launch Rebuilt Faith In Your Parish

Parish Leaders: What's the solution to bringing your parishioners back to the pews and their faith?  The answer is engagement. 

We engage people in an intentional way that builds their personal faith and the corporate body of the Church. 

Help your parishioners engage in a profound, meaningful way that will breathe life into your parish. The book is a 40-day devotional that will allow your members to deepen their personal relationship with Christ and connect them more completely to your parish community. 

We truly believe that as more and more members of your parish read this book, you will see excitement, enthusiasm, and involvement in your parish explode. 

We believe it can be a game changer for you and your parish. To purchase books for your parish, and learn more about how you can use this book as a 40 day devotional within Small Groups, view our resources and tools below.

Parish Orders

Purchase the Special Edition for your entire parish!  The 40 day structure of Rebuilt Faith is perfect for use by parishes during Lenten Small Groups, or any other time of the year.   

When you order 300 copies, receive a free Leadership Kit!  ($2.99/ copy in quantities of 100. Free shipping)

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Leadership Companion Kit

For those who want to lead a Small Group centered around Rebuilt Faith in your parish, we have created easy to follow resources for you!  In our companion kit, you can access guides, questions, and videos for discussion, prayer, and reflection.

• continue the momentum of the Eucharistic Revival
• use in a Lenten Parish Mission
• grow (or start) small groups in your parish
• use as a parish-wide book study

Companion Kit

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Purchase the book for yourself and the skeptical Catholics in your life!  As a supporter of Rebuilt, we'd humbly like to ask that after you finish reading the book, please a review on Amazon to help others decide if this is the right book for them!

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Small Groups Equip Course

Have you decided to use Rebuilt Faith within your parish's Small Groups? We think this book is the perfect Lenten study for parishioners who are ready to reengage with their faith in new transforming ways! 

If you want to learn more about how to launch successful Small Groups, we have created ways to strengthen and grow your Small Group.

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