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Rebuilt Workshops

Wednesday Workshops with Rebuilt

Learn from subject matter experts from Rebuilt Parish, our home parish, Church of the Nativity, and from pastors and staff from our coached Partner Parishes. 

Workshops cover topics within the Rebuilt Strategic Anchors as they are applied in Catholic parishes of various cultures, sizes, and demographics around the world.

[  Wednesdays at 12PM EST for 1 hour via Zoom  ]

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You Don't Need Another Program, You Need a Movement

Culture is the biggest obstacle within the local parish because it does not support the mission Jesus gave us: make disciples. Rebuilt Parish has learned how to change the culture of a parish and make it more effective in making disciples. At Church of the Nativity, our home parish, we have been testing and developing these tools in real time and continue to do so today. 

Our webinars have grown into: Workshops with Rebuilt

Each hour-long workshop consists of a deep dive into each series topic followed by small group discussions. Each series is three weeks long with a week break in between to apply what was learned in the series. 

Participants will receive Workshop Worksheets with questions and action steps to discuss with their teams.

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What Happens at the Workshops?


Week 1: The Why

A presenter from Rebuilt Parish or our home parish, Church of the Nativity, will present the related Rebuilt models. We’ll share strategies and present processes to open the discussion on why this topic is important for your parish.

Week 2:  The How

A leader from one of our Partner Parishes will present their story for how they have utilized the Rebuilt Model to make positive changes happen.  Our Partner Parishes have been coached in the Rebuilt principles and have a unique understanding of how the Strategic Anchors work within various parishes.

Week 3: The Work

We’ll wrap up any loose ends within the topic, close the loop on open questions that may have come up during the series, and then in Small Groups discuss the steps and action items that you plan to bring back to your team.  By the end of each series, our goal is to help you have an action plan in place for you to implement in your own parish!

Group Break-Out Time

After each week's presentation, you'll be sent into a Zoom break-out room with other participants for Small Groups.  Here you will get to know and connect with other parish leaders from around the world.   A Rebuilt Minister Facilitator will walk your group through specific questions to help you gain insight and perspectives from others.


If you've never joined us before, or previously only attended by yourself - we invite you to register now and encourage your team to participate in the series that are relevant to your parish goals!

Watch Workshop Replays

Christmas Connections
Week #1 | The Why
Christmas Connections
Week #2 | The How
Empowering Your Small Group Leaders
Week #1 | The Why
Empowering Your Small Group Leaders
Week #2 | The How
Empowering Your Small Group Leaders
Week #3 | The Work
Communications Strategies to Fill Your Church
Week #1 | The Why
Communications Strategies to Fill Your Church
Week #2 | The How
Communications Strategies to Fill Your Church
Week #3 | The Work

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