Webinar Series: Equip Sessions
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Webinar Series: Equip Sessions
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Rebuilt Equip Sessions

Weekly wisdom and support from seasoned Catholic leaders that will help you bring new life into your parish.

Every Wednesday at 12PM for 1 hour via Zoom


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You Don't Need Another Program, You Need a Movement

Culture is the biggest obstacle within the local parish because it does not support the mission Jesus gave us: make disciples. Rebuilt Parish has learned how to change the culture of a parish and make it more effective in making disciples. At Church of the Nativity, our home parish, we have been testing and developing these tools in real time and continue to do so today. 

Introducing Our Webinar Series: Rebuilt Equip Sessions

In our sessions, Tom Corcoran provides practical insights into leading parishes on a path to renewal and leveraging the Rebuilt Framework. Each session is based in Scripture and proven effective by parishes around the nation for establishing healthy, growing churches. 

The first half of our time together will begin with teaching from Tom Corcoran and occasionally other seasoned Catholic leaders from around the country, followed by thoughtful small group discussion and time for personal reflection. 

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What you'll learn from the series:

Essentials for renewing your parish vision

How to build a robust leadership culture

What it looks like to establish a discipleship pathway

How to deliver a powerful weekend experience

...and so much more!

Previous Webinars - Watch Replays

Why Your Mission Must Move Your Parish
Equip Session #1
The Weekend Experience
Equip Session #2
Grow Deeper, Shape a Clear Discipleship Path
Equip Session #3
Grow Wider & Impact Your Community
Equip Session #4
Grow Deeper, Shape a Clear Discipleship Path
Equip Session #5
From Principle to Priority: Quick Wins and Long-Term Transformation
Equip Session #6
Aligning Activities with Priorities: Build Your Roadmap
Equip Session #7
Vision Planning & How To Follow Your Path
Equip Session #8
Operation: Avoiding & Overcoming Burnout
Equip Session #9
All Things Advent
Equip Session #10
Transforming Your Weekend Experience 101
The Weekend Experience #1
Music That Stirs The Soul
The Weekend Experience #2
A Relevant Message That Transforms!
The Weekend Experience #3
Ministers Who Welcome Well
The Weekend Experience #4
Rebuilt Parish Lent Webinar Replay
Lent Equip Session
Volunteers Are Vital
Ministering & Volunteering #1
Building The Structure
Ministering & Volunteering #2
Process of Volunteers
Ministering & Volunteering #3
Ministering & Volunteering #4
Rhythm of Volunteerism
Ministering & Volunteering #5
Annual Planning
Leadership Equip Sessions #1
Leading With Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Equip Sessions #2
Spiritual Authority
Leadership Equip Sessions #3
Growing Volunteer Leaders
Leadership Equip Sessions #4
Planning Your Summer To Be Refreshed
Leadership Equip Sessions #5
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