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Implement a proven 7-step plan to build and grow Small Groups in your parish.

1. Access the course      2. Complete on your own time      3. Transform your small group ministry
1. Access the course
2. Complete on your own time
3. Transform your parish

Creating small groups from scratch can be daunting.  Where do you even start?


Our Small Groups on-demand Equip Course shares the insight and wisdom that we have learned about group life through our home parish and our Partner Parishes.

Take this course to learn the Rebuilt Parish process for launching AND growing a sustainable Small Group Ministry in your parish!


The Small Groups course offers a comprehensive plan to combat the common challenges Catholic parishes face in building vibrant, engaged, and spiritually thriving communities.


Empower yourself to effectively implement small groups as a catalyst for positive change and renewal within your parish.


Your Starting Point:
Small Groups Equip Course


What's Included

16 Lesson Videos
on implementing the 7 key steps

Course Workbook
that will help you put concepts into action

Bonus Resources:

- Agenda for the Small Group Leader Training Meeting

- Small Groups Covenant 

- Small Groups Annual Plan Worksheet

Course Format:

Expert Teaching

10-12 minute workshop-style videos

Reflection & Implementation

Work-along workbook with action steps


A clear and proven 7-step path to successful and sustainable Small Groups ministry.


Know the Why Behind the What


Recognize the Benefits


Build Your Team


Identify Commitments and Content


Launch Groups


Run Groups



What you'll get:

The Rebuilt Strategy for Building and Implementing
Small Groups at your Parish

  1. Know the Why Behind the What
    • The Importance of Relationships in Faith
  2. Recognize the Benefits
    • 5 Benefits of Small Groups
    • 5 More Benefits of Small Groups
  3. Build Your Team
    • Core Team Roles & Responsibilities
    • Coaches
    • Finding Small Group Leaders
    • Onboarding Small Group Leaders
  4. Identifying Commitments & Content
    • Values and the Power of a Small Group Covenant
    • Planning and Providing Content for Groups
  5. Launch Groups
    • Choosing a Strategy: When to Start Small and When to Go Big
    • Hosting a Small Group Launch Weekend
    • Communicating & Marketing to Members
  6. Run Groups
    • Inside the Small Group Format
    • Dealing with Typical Problems of Groups
    • Extra Grace Required
    • Ongoing Training of Leaders
  7. Persevere
    • Creating an Annual Plan
    • Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Who is this for?

Parish Leaders

Pastors, priests, and parish staff members who want to enhance their understanding of small group dynamics and implementation in their parish.

Small Group Coordinators

Individuals responsible for organizing, facilitating, or overseeing small groups within the parish.


Parishioners who are interested in becoming small group leaders or assistants and want to learn more about how to effectively run small groups.

Current Small Group Leaders

Those already leading small groups who wish to refine their skills, deepen their understanding, and exchange ideas with others.

Catechists and Youth Ministers

Those involved in religious education who can integrate small groups into their teaching or youth ministry programs.

Anyone Interested in Parish Renewal

Individual parishioners interested in learning about successful strategies for parish renewal through small groups.