Taking greeting to the next level


We have an incredible group of people who serve on the Rebuilt team at a variety of levels, and today I want to highlight someone who has been making a difference.

Reg Franki stepped up early at Nativity by helping to create, expand and refine our amazing Greeter team.  

As a result of her leadership at Nativity, the team grew from just a few people to 200. 

Now she is taking the lessons she learned in the trenches at Nativity and serving as a Rebuilt coach. 

She is currently working with St. John Vianney in Walnut Creek, California, and as I mentioned in a previous update, they recently grew their hospitality team to over 150 people!

Thank you for taking a moment for this Rebuilt Right Now update. Please join me in praying for Reg Franki today.

If I can pray for you in any way, please email me at [email protected].


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