Parish Highlight: St. Alexander in Ontario


Thank you for taking a minute to join us for a Partner Parish Highlight!  I want to share with you the impact Rebuilt coaching is having on Fr. Paul MacNeil and the community of St. Alexander's Parish in Fonthill, Ontario, Canada.

We've been coaching Fr. Paul and his team over the last year.  Recently, he was on the Ron Huntley Catholic Leadership Podcast discussing the impact coaching is having on him personally.

Check out these few clips from Fr. Paul….

I feel so well supported from coaching. Five years ago, when I was being a pastor pretty much on my own, even though I did try to establish some good leadership around me, there's so much weighing on my heart when you try this by yourself. 

But when you're getting coached, you're no longer walking that journey alone. And it is a hard journey. 

Being a pastor is extremely difficult.  The decisions you have to make sometimes! But it's knowing that you've just got somebody walking with you.  They're not judging you; they're accepting you and they're positive and they're encouraging.   They’re all “try this” “this what we liked about what you did”

So, yeah, I should've been doing that a long time ago!  So, the decision actually to make the call, not just to read the books, but actually to make the call and to get involved with an organization that's going to help through this was probably the second thing, the first was Christ, the second is the coaching."


Watch the Rebuilt Right Now video above, in under 4 minutes, to hear more of what Fr. Paul had to say about the impact of coaching on his parish and their local Fonthill community.  And to catch the entire interview, check out Ron Huntley's podcast!


Thank you for your support of Rebuilt!  You are investing in pastors so they can share the good news of God's love to their community.



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