Rebuilt Right Now: Today I have to brag about…


I have to tell you about Jane.

We have a ton of amazing volunteers at Rebuilt, and she is definitely one of them.

Jane Silvestri comes to us with years of professional experience in change management. 

Simply put, Jane is an organized, thoughtful, and faith-filled servant.

Jane coaches one of our partner parishes – OLPH in Maple Shade, New Jersey, which I talked to you about last week, she helps facilitate our Grow Wider Course, and she leads our Rebuilt Parish Merger subcommittee – a team that is gathering tools and insights to help parishes going through the added challenges of a merger, a common occurrence these days. 

Jane does a lot…and she does it all well with a deep desire to see parish renewal.

Thank you for taking a moment for this Rebuilt right now update. Please join me in praying for Jane this week. 



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