Rebuilt Right Now: The Mass


At Rebuilt, we are constantly promoting four proven strategic anchors that have helped parishes grow.

One that I’d like to highlight today is transforming the weekend experience.

The Mass is the source and summit of our faith, and the experience is vital in setting the culture of a parish.

Here are 6 essentials we have seen create a more impactful Sunday experience:

  • Delivering a Consistently Excellent Experience 
  • Preaching a Unified Message 
  • Producing Compelling Music 
  • Building Layers of Hospitality and Volunteer Leadership
  • Offering Exceptional kids and students opportunities 
  • Investing in your online campus and production 

The team at Rebuilt is praying for our partner parishes to develop an even more transformational weekend experience. I encourage you to join us in prayer!

 Thank you for taking a moment for this Rebuilt right now update. If I can be praying for you in any way, please e-mail me at [email protected].

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