Minister Highlight: Roni Schultz


We're proud to highlight the remarkable contributions of Roni Schultz with you in this Rebuilt Right Now.

Roni has been an extremely engaged minister with Nativity for many years, playing a crucial role in transforming the parish from a consuming to a contributing culture. Her dedication began in 2005 when she led the volunteer ministers for Nativity's Christmas Eve masses at the Maryland State Fairgrounds, significantly impacting the community.

Roni's extensive experience as a minister extends beyond Nativity; she now serves on the Rebuilt staff, specifically on the Partner Parish Development team. Here, she leverages her expertise to coach parishes through the Rebuilt model and supports leaders nationwide in church renewal efforts.

To hear much more about Roni's tremendous contributions to both Rebuilt and Nativity, be sure to watch this Rebuilt Right Now video!

Thank you Roni for your contributions and dedication to Rebuilt, and for working so closely with all of our Partner Parishes to help them find breakthrough and momentum in their own transformations.


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