Minister Highlight: Joe Hoffman


We would like to share with you the good work of one of our dedicated Rebuilt ministers - Joe Hoffman!

Joe is known for his exceptional people skills, making him a welcome addition to our Rebuilt Coaches Team. What sets Joe apart is not just his professional background as a mentor, coach, and CEO, but also his flourishing faith, which has guided him on a path of service and purpose.

Remarkably, Joe didn't say "yes" to just one, but two very different parishes: one in the heart of Oklahoma and another in the bustling landscape of New Jersey. Joe's dedication to serving others is evident in every facet of his life. He leads a noble effort to preserve his community through advocacy, making a tangible impact on the lives of those around him.

Thank you, Joe, for your service to Rebuilt, our coaches team, and the Partner Parishes in our Rebuilt community!

Watch the Rebuilt Right Now video to hear Tom's full highlight of Joe and his ministry impact.

Thank you for your support of Rebuilt Parish!  You are investing in the faith journeys of our ministers, and supporting their calling to share their spiritual gifts with our community, our staff, and our Partner Parishes!


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