Parishes are Growing in East Stroudsburg


Hey there! I'm excited to share some amazing updates with you regarding St. John the Apostle Parish in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, led by Father Greg and his associate Analia.

Since their inception, this parish has experienced a significant increase in weekend attendance, growing from 550 to 650. Additionally, they have an impressive 100 individuals actively participating in small group life, demonstrating a strong sense of community within the parish.

What's more, 9 teens from St. John the Apostle Parish have been recognized with the prestigious Bishop's Youth Award for their dedicated service to the Church!

In today's digital age, this parish has made it a priority to invest in their online campus and digital communications. And their efforts are paying off - their message views have soared from essentially nothing to over 400 views per week! Father Greg is committed to delivering impactful sermons and has even recruited a Broadway-trained parishioner to coach him on his communication skills. Analia has also been instrumental in building up a team of volunteer leaders, ensuring that the parish runs like a well-oiled machine.

With all of these amazing initiatives in place, it's clear that St. John the Apostle Parish is thriving. We can't wait to see what Father Greg, Analia, and the rest of their team have in store for the future!

Please join me in praying Father Greg, Analia and the community of St. John the Apostle in East Stroudsburg.  

If I can be praying for you in anyway please email me at [email protected] 

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