Creating an Excellent Weekend Experience for All

rebuilt right now May 15, 2023

Our vision at Rebuilt is to help parishes become churches that people who don't like churches like. 

To achieve this, the weekend experience is absolutely crucial to our efforts in reaching new people.

Creating an excellent weekend experience is one of the vital strategies for rebuilding a parish. 

We teach parishes that there are three main pillars to creating an outstanding weekend experience: music, message, and ministers.

  1. Music: Music is the water on which the weekend experience sails. It has the power to move hearts and create a welcoming environment for newcomers.
  2. Message: The message or homily demonstrates the relevance of God's word and offers practical instruction for our day-to-day lives, making it accessible and relatable for everyone.
  3. Ministers: Ministers create a spirit of hospitality that draws new people into our community, ensuring they feel welcomed, valued, and connected.

Together, let us continue to work on creating excellent weekend experiences that draw people closer to God and help our parishes flourish.

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