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Rebuilding and Renewing the Local Catholic Parish

The framework you need to grow your parish to be an
engaged, thriving, and faithful community.

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Rebuilt Parish is a parish renewal movement that is boldly impacting parish leaders, providing them the process and tools they need to refocus on reaching the un-churched, creating a clear discipleship path to grow their church, and revitalizing their parish culture.

Beginning within our personal journey at our own home parish, we have developed a model to establish an engaged and growing local Catholic community. This growth continues in real-time as we develop new resources and tools to fulfill the mission God gave us: go make disciples.

Our Mission: Making Disciples by Helping Parishes Make Disciples 

Pastors, Parish Staff, & Lay Leaders:

It's time for your parish to make the moves and build disciples in your community!

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The Rebuilt Coaches will guide 
you every step of the way.

Parish Coaching

We believe that hands-on Coaching is the most effective way to bring about Parish transformation. 

We'll meet you where you are right now and guide you along the way; aligning our Rebuilt Parish model with your parish's unique culture and mission.

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Content Library

Access a comprehensive library of parishioner-tested homilies, small group materials, children's liturgy of the word, and more.

These ready-to-be-used or customized resources are the tools you need to successfully implement bold messages to challenge your parishioners.

Content Membership

Rebuilt Community

A community of Pastors and parish leaders has emerged within Rebuilt, connecting those who are passionate about growing their parishes. 

Join our weekly Workshops on parish renewal using the Rebuilt framework and spend time discussing shared experiences.

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Rebuilt's Strategic Anchors

We believe there are four key anchors that will rebuild your parish culture.  Parishes transform as they implement these four Strategic Anchors of the Rebuilt Model alongside a dedicated coach and proven process.  Through Rebuilt Parish coaching, consulting, and resources, both your current parishioners and new attendees will experience renewal in their relationship with Jesus!
Rebuilt Weekend Experience Anchor

Create an Exceptional Weekend Experience

A great Mass experience takes people deeper in their faith and brings them back to your parish next week.

A great weekend experience includes stirring worship music, homilies which speak into people’s lives, energy and fellowship driven by servant ministers, inspiring kids & student programs, and everything done with excellence.

A great Mass is the bedrock of everything a Rebuilt parish does.

Grow Deeper - Challenge your Insiders

Encourage parishioners to go deeper in their faith by providing the ministries and systems to do so.

Communicate clearly how to take those next STEPS of discipleship.

Rebuilt Grow Deeper Anchor
Rebuilt Grow Wider Anchor

Grow Wider - Welcome Outsiders

Build a culture which strives to serve those who have never come to church (un-churched) and those who have not been to church in a long time (de-churched).

That begins with hospitality and calling upon parishioners already coming to get up out of the pews and serve.

Build a Leadership Community

Your parish needs cohesive leadership teams at all levels of the parish to fulfill your Mission to make disciples. It begins with a Senior team that delegates to and empowers staff or senior volunteer ministers who then build ministry teams of empowered volunteers.

Rebuilt Leadership Anchor
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What our Partner Parishes are Saying...

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" I've attended different kinds of leadership and management trainings in different sectors. But what I really appreciate about Rebuilt is, they have real parish experience. Other groups that I've worked with or learned from, they haven't implemented on a parish level. Having a group that has, and can help parishes with these struggles that we face so often, has been really helpful to me."

Fr. Charlie Garza
St. Albert the Great
Austin, TX

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" By being involved in coaching, we've gained a sense of focus in everything that we are doing. Before it was day to day, we felt overwhelmed in everything, and we weren't making a difference.  Now when we meet, we get to celebrate all of these wins, and it's exciting!  At the end of the year we get to see all of these accomplishments, that maybe if we didn't have this guidance and direction, we never would have accomplished."

Analia, Pastoral Associate
St. John the Apostle
East Stroudsburg, PA

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" Making change in a parish, trying to rebuild your parish is difficult work, and our coach is always encouraging us to move forward. The coach sort of moves us to better ground, gives us ideas. We're just coming into a time when we have created a three-year strategic plan, and this never would have happened without our coach helping us - he holds us accountable."

Fr. Roger Gustafson
St. Hilary
Tiburon, CA

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Join the hundreds of local Catholic parishes across the country and around the world
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Rebuilt team members are here and ready to help you and your parish team. We’ve been through the process, have learned a lot about what works (and what doesn’t work!) and our passion is to help you revive and grow your parish community. Contact us for more information or just to chat. We’d love to meet you.

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