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Does it ever feel like the season of Lent consists of rushing around and last-minute planning?

It doesn't have to. After all, parish leaders like you should have more time for preparing your heart and praying for your parishioners. That's why we've put your Lent planning together so you can focus on refining and delivering impactful messages this Lent season for just $27.

What's included:

When God Doesn't Make Sense

A 5-week homily series aligned with Liturgical Year A, including transcripts and example videos

A roadmap for planning your music

Tips to help you unify the music and message for the season

Engaging devotionals to share with parishioners

Inspiring studies to keep your focus on Christ as you journey toward the Easter season 

All in a fully customizable, easy-to-follow format

“The series packages are so helpful because we had a clear starting point but could still make it our own.”

Fr. Joseph Alenchery

Your parish's Lent journey

When God Doesn't Make Sense
Bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. Why does an all-good and all-powerful God allow injustice to happen? Why doesn’t he stop it? Why does God seem to be silent on prayers he should answer? These questions are nothing new. In this series, we will look at some of God’s ways that don’t seem to make sense. We’ll examine what to do in the face of such questions and look at ways we can grow to understand God’s perspective.

Week 1:
Why does God withhold good things from us?

In this week, we are looking at times when God says “no” to things that seem good to us. We’ll share how even when God says “no,” there is a much richer “yes” yet to be revealed.

Week 2:
Suffering, Pain, & Injustice

God’s original design for the world was good and operated without suffering and injustice. When sin entered, so did suffering. This week, we will share how this was not part of God’s original plan.

Week 3:
Is God with us or not? How to hope when God feels far away

We are continually told that God is always with us but do we really believe it? We certainly don’t always feel God’s presence. How do you respond when you don’t feel God’s presence?

Week 4:
Why do the innocent suffer while evil is rewarded?

Suffering that seems unjust is the most difficult kind. For many people, the injustice of innocent people leads to the rejection of God. We say, “how can a good God allow this?” But it’s not our story to tell. This week, we will look at a different response to injustice.

Week 5:
Unanswered Prayers

Ever feel like God is late with your prayers? Or like he’s ignoring you? We all hate to wait. But the truth is that sometimes God makes us wait. In this week, we’ll take a look at why this may be.


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