Secrets of Christmas

Your Advent Season is READY!

Save time with a complete series package including an in-depth overview, 5 homily transcripts for Advent and Christmas, plus 5 weeks of daily devotionals aligned with the series and ready to share with your parish!

Does it ever feel like Advent and Christmas turn into a scramble of last-minute planning and preparation?

It doesn't have to! After all, parish leaders like you should have more time to prepare your hearts for the joy of the season and to focus on welcoming guests to your Christmas celebration. With this complete advent package, you will have the tools needed to deliver an impactful message with the option to refine and personalize each message for your parish. The entire 5 week kit, with small group bonus material, is just $49.


What's included:

Secrets of Christmas

Series Summary: Overview presented for each week with theme of the message, scripture referenced, and a "know, feel and do"engagement strategy


5 Homilies

Five Homilies beginning with the first week of Advent and ending with Christmas, aligned with Liturgical Year B, including full message videos for reference and editable transcripts


Small Group Series Materials consisting of Video Messages and Small Group Questions for the first 3 weeks of this series 

All in a fully customizable, easy-to-follow format!

“The series packages are so helpful... because we have a clear starting point, but can still make it our own.”

Fr. Joseph Alenchery

Secrets of Christmas 
Advent Message Series


God has secrets.

God wants to share his secrets to connect his heart to ours. When someone shares a personal secret with you, you feel a stronger connection to them. They honor you and the relationship when they tell you something they haven’t told anyone else.

God has secrets for you. God has insider information about you and your life and your loved ones that isn’t just entertaining but impactful and meaningful in your life, that can transform you and your life. 

So over the course of this series we are going to work to become people that God can share his secrets with. This Christmas, as we celebrate Jesus’ coming in history, learn how to listen for the secrets he wants to reveal to you.


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